Chelsea Zellas, B.HSc. R.M.

Chelsea graduated with a BHSc. in midwifery from McMaster University, after completing her senior year at Thames Valley Midwives. Prior to entering the midwifery program, she completed two years of her BSc in Psychology at Queen’s University, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality studies.


She became interested in midwifery while learning about gaps in healthcare within marginalized communities and is committed to providing safe and culturally competent care to all clients. She is thrilled to be joining the TVM team to provide care to the diverse clients in her home city of London.


In her spare time, Chelsea can be found enjoying a cup of coffee in her balcony garden, hiking, baking treats for coworkers, crafting, or road tripping with her small family. She can’t wait to participate in your care and help families navigate the tender transition of a new baby.