Our Clinic

Our Clinic Space

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London office

Our main clinic is located in the downtown core of London, Ontario. Access from the 401, Direct bus route, dedicated bike lane, LHSC Hospital location & lots of free parking available.

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Our Waiting Area

Come in to our comfortable waiting area before your appointment to relax. Our spacious bathroom has a full sized change table and weighing scales for your baby between appointments if you wish to drop in, and weighing scales for parents.

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Our Clinic Rooms

We have four beautifully appointed clinic rooms to carry out your prenatal and postnatal appointments each time you visit us.

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Our Clinic Space In London

Parking And Access

Parking is easy! We are surrounded by 1000’s of spaces. You may park across the street in the Western Fair District Market parking lot located on Ontario Street, directly behind our building in the Fair’s parking lot or anywhere along Dundas street.

Parking for midwives in located on site – please do not park in front of the garage doors or the spaces adjacent to the building. We have reserved these spaces for our busy baby catching midwives!

We are located along a direct bus route which will become a rapid transit route in the near future and a designated bike lane along Dundas.

When you arrive, please enter at the back of the building through our mud room (Door nearest the fence). Please take your shoes off. Our office is a “shoe free zone”! Limited stroller parking is available in our mud room.

Relaxation Area

Our London location, offers a large waiting room as well as a spacious washroom with a diaper changing area and baby weighing scales. Our mudroom area hosts our lending library* with plenty of books you can take home with you or read while you wait.  We also have free wifi!

*We take a small deposit for our lending library use, which we will give back to you once you have returned borrowed resources.

Self Screening For COVID-19 Symptoms

If you or anyone in your household are sick, have cold/flu like symptoms or have suspected or confirmed COVID-19, we request that your call our administrative team to reschedule your midwife visit. Please do not get out of your car and enter our office if you are unwell upon arrival, your midwife will make arrangements to visit with you virtually over the phone.

Our midwives have a thorough cleaning protocol in the office between clients as a result of new guidelines provided to us by the College of Midwives, Association of Ontario Midwives, and other sources providing us with the most up to date procedures. This can sometimes delay appointments to ensure the safety of all our families and their tiny newborns.

Thank you again for your cooperation and ongoing support at this time. Please note: abusive behaviour in relation to any policy changes will not be tolerated.

Family Friendly

Thames Valley Midwives is family friendly.  We encourage direct/ household family members such as partners and/or your children to come along to your appointments unless you prefer some “alone time”. We also encourage partners or your chosen birth partner(s) to attend your prenatal appointments, if they wish, to provide them with opportunities to ask any questions they may have prior to the birth.


Accessibility to our clinic is at the rear of the building. We have access into our mud room with limited stroller parking. Due to the old style of the building, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs, however our midwives will make special accommodations for those clients requiring assistance with accessibility. We do not have designated parking for those with accessibility needs, and will ensure adequate accommodations are made prior to your arrival.

If you are unable to access our building, please contact us, and we will make arrangements to accommodate you.  If you require language interpretation services or sign language interpretation, please contact us. 

Winter Conditions

During dangerous winter weather conditions, we will notify you of clinic cancellations. We almost always cancel clinics during times where schools and universities are cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions. Your safety and the safety of your baby, as well as the safety of our team, is of utmost importance. You can also view our cancellation updates on our Home Page. Please check before leaving home that clinic is still running during inclement weather. If you ever feel you’re unable to safely attend clinic, we urge you to rebook for another day or switch to a phone visit.

Prenatal Classes

Thames Valley Midwives offer private in-house prenatal classes quarterly run by one of our midwives.

Classes are uniquely designed to educate expectant parents on healthy pregnancy, labour and birth, and early parenting. Class size is limited in order to tailor sessions to the individualized needs of the group.  Clients of all care providers are welcome.

Click below to find out more.

If you wish to explore other options, in London or the surrounding areas, we have a few more links listed on our resources page. Click below to find out more.

Booking Appointments

Thames Valley Midwives have an online booking system, which allows your midwives and administrative staff to book your prenatal and postnatal appointments in advance. There are times where midwives must cancel clinic in order to attend a birth, or in order to sleep after attending a birth that has occurred overnight. There are also times when a midwife must move clients to earlier or later appointment times due to other midwives requiring sleep from multiple births, and therefore they must also do the work of the sleeping midwife. When a clinic is cancelled, there will be a communication on our outgoing voicemail message in this regard. 

We attempt to call clients when clinic is cancelled, however, we cannot always reach them in time. Please provide us with alternative telephone numbers in order to ensure that you can be contacted readily. We will attempt to find you an appointment that best suits your schedule but please be aware that this is not always possible.

Our first priorities are that you are seen in clinic according to the recommended schedule and that most of your appointments are with your primary and alternate midwives. Often this will mean that you need to have appointments during your workday. Your employer is required by law to provide the time for you to attend appointments. For clients who usually attend Aylmer or Woodstock clinics, we will do our best to schedule you in these locations. Due to limited clinic space in satellite clinics, we can almost guarantee that you will need to attend at least some appointments in the London office. We do not offer evening or weekend appointments.

Finally, there may be times when you have to wait to be seen. This is primarily due to clients presenting with unforeseen pregnancy complications and / or urgent calls your midwives answer frequently throughout the clinic day from other physicians. Our heightened cleaning procedures following visits with clients also add to the time your midwife has to prepare the room before you visit. Please keep in mind that this applies to you as well, should your midwife need to deal with such a circumstance related to your own pregnancy and runs late. In order to meet the COVID-19 requirements set out by WHO guidelines, we will perform some appointments over the phone to reduce the in-person exposure time. 

Our Aylmer Clinic

Every Tuesday, we run a satellite clinic at our Aylmer location with our Elgin County team midwives (with the exception of holidays).

The Thames Valley Midwives clinic room is located in the back building of the East Elgin Family Health Centre at 424 Talbot Street West, Aylmer. There is a large, free parking lot and this location is wheelchair accessible. This location also has an on-site ultrasound department in a different building and a laboratory department in the basement.

The clinic room is the first door on the right after walking up the stairs of the main entrance and down the hallway. Please do not enter the building until your appointment time. You may knock on the door upon arrival, but please do not enter until the midwife opens the door. We often place a sign on our door to alert you to the correct room. You must be wearing a mask before entering the building, for the duration of your appointment, and until you exit the building.

There is no administration at this location, and our room leads directly into the midwife’s office. 

Washrooms are located further down the hallway in the doctors waiting area. Please allow time to use them on your arrival as clinic time runs smoothly at this office due to limited appointment spots and thorough cleaning protocols between clients to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We encourage you to book your appointments in a timely manner, as spots do fill up quickly at this location. Should there be no spots available, you will be asked to come to our London location for your appointment.

Our Woodstock Clinic

We run a satellite clinic three times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at our Woodstock location with our Oxford county team midwives (with the exception of holidays).

The Thames Valley Midwives clinic room is within a health team office located on the North Side entrance at the Inside U Health Centre at 79 Montclair Drive, Woodstock. There is a free parking lot on-site and this location is wheelchair accessible. This location does not have a lab pick up but the Lifelabs laboratory is a 6 minute drive from the clinic.

There is no administration at this location, and therefore we ask that when you come to the clinic, you wait in your car until your appointment time. Your midwife will call you in from the general reception area at the time of your appointment. You DO NOT need to check in with the receptionist. 

The washroom is located down the hallway from the entrance and reception area for patient use and is well sign posted. Please allow time to use them on your arrival as clinic time runs smoothly at this office due to limited appointment spots and thorough cleaning protocols between clients to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We encourage you to book your appointments in a timely manner, as spots do fill up quickly at this location. Should there be no spots available, you will be asked to come to our London location for your appointment.


The upper second floor of Thames Valley Midwives is home to Thames Valley Wellness Centre with an array of multidisciplinary health care professionals waiting to provide you with treatments to balance and optimize your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Their entrance is located at the side of the building via the covered porch area.

The health care team can treat many different health issues including fertility struggles, common aches and pains of pregnancy, preparation for birth in learning about your body and how it changes, mental health support, improvement of overall wellness and a reduction in stress, improvement in sleep and assistance with hormone regulation, nutritional and herbal counselling, and so many other health benefits to you and your family.

Thames Valley Midwives has no affiliation with the wellness centre, and services can be conveniently booked via their webpage.