Marie Page, B.HSc. R.M.

Originally from Oxfordshire, UK Marie is an internationally trained midwife who started her Midwifery Degree in 2004 and worked in the UK for 15 years before completing the IMPP in 2021 here in Canada servicing Mississauga and Brampton clientele before moving to Thames Valley Midwives.
Marie has loved every minute of her midwifery career and has many years of valuable experience caring for both low and high-risk families in all birth settings.  Spending many years working in the community Marie has developed a particular passion for supporting homebirth.
“ I believe my role is to empower my clients to be key decision makers in their care and help them to achieve a positive pregnancy and birthing experience regardless of what each birth may look like and I am very excited to share you & your families special journey.”
At home Marie has 2 sassy girls and has been lucky to have experienced care from midwives for her births in both the UK and Canada, both very different pregnancies and feels privileged been had Canadian midwives support her own homebirth.
When not being a midwife you can find Marie at home reading in the rare quiet moments, biking the trails with her family or enjoying the Canadian winters with a new love of skiing.