Kate Taylor R.N.

Kate brings a wealth of knowledge as an experienced labour and delivery nurse working at London Health Sciences Centre after she graduated the Fanshawe College Nursing Program in 2003.

She currently provides nursing care in all areas of obstetrics and has special training in neonatal bereavement, high-risk and operative skill development, family-centered birthing practice, breastfeeding advocacy and education. Kate is also an active member of several committees and councils which serve to improve the quality of care accessed by families in Southwestern Ontario.  She is an active voice for clients, working to ensure the needs and desires of each family are heard and supported by the multi-disciplinary team at the hospital.

Kate has demonstrated a passion for autonomy-centered empowerment and advocacy in her practice.  She believes strongly in the power of the birth experience and the importance it brings to each individual.  She is extremely happy to be a companion member of midwifery groups in the community, with whom she has worked closely as a second attendant providing supportive care within the hospital and home settings.

As a second attendant, you may not get the pleasure of meeting Kate until your baby is almost ready to be born. She will bring a warm glow of energy to guide you and your family through the birthing process.